Einige Richterberichte über Moss 


14.08.1999  Hallbergmoos                                          Richter : John Ritchie 

 black and white, 50/50 white factore, masculine head, light eye, good move, well balanced, good substance, correct withers, good upper arm angulation and length, good hind angulation, hock a bit long, good tail set and carriage, length okay, moves soundly, out and back.


22.08.1999  Kaltenkirchen                                      Richter :  P.Cross-Stern 

 Very alert expression, clean head, nicely spaced eyes and good mouth, quality bone, well shaped and padded feet, well laid shoulder, long rib-cage, firm loin, muscular thighs with good bend of stifle, would like less of white collar, moves freely amd stealthly with correct head.