WBC Just Paco
ZBrH 2984, ISDS 207.705,  geb. 02.03.1992,  tricolour
 Züchter: Anne Krüger,  Besitzer: Dr.Viola Hebeler
       Vater: Sydney (ISDS 168.682),  Mutter: Jess (ISDS 194.222)         Pedigree 
HD A, CEA/PRA/Kat.-frei '97, Zuchtempfehlung, Trialklasse III

Paco von Viola Hebeler

            Trialergebnisse 2001           

      Aktueller Stand der EM-Qualifikation  

Paco's Geschichte, so wie sie von seiner Besitzerin im Border Collie Jahrbuch 1998 erzählt wurde.

Aus einer Deckanzeige für Paco auf einer belgischen Internet-Seite.


ISDS 207705
Date of birth 02/03/1993
Breeder: Anne Krüger (Germany)
Owner: Viola Hebler
Breuerkamp 10
D-51580 Reichshof
Tel: 0049-2265-980 960
Fax: 0049-2265-980 961

Viola got Paco from Claus Borner at 10 months of age. He is a strong and classy dog. This showed right from the start of his training. Being such a fast and keen dog, he was always difficult to stop, but his balance was always perfect. He is a natural driving dog. He learned his sides in one training session each and never erred since. To get the pacing right took a little longer. Shedding with him was never a problem, and required no special training at all.

Paco has been quite successful in trials. In 1996, his first open class season, he already qualified for the Continental Sheepdog Championship, to win second place in the qualifying round. On the final day of that Continental, he won the Best German Dog Award. In the following year, 1997, he qualified again for the German team, and went through to the final. In this demanding final, including a difficult five out of 20 shed, he completed his run successfully , thus contributing greatly to the German win of the Team Championship.

Although Paco is a good trials dog, his real forte lies in the daily work. Viola tells that he can move any sheep, and it makes no difference whether he has to work on 5 or 500 sheep.

His weak point on a trial field is his over-zealousness. His strong points are his temperament and his charismatic presence when working sheep. He is absolutely good-natured, and will do anything Viola asks for.


Ein Artikel aus dem Rundschreiben der "Arbeitsgemeinschaft Border Collie" über Paco's Vater Sydney.


Ein Artikel aus dem Rundschreiben der "Arbeitsgemeinschaft Border Collie" über Paco's Mutter Jess.

Paco ruht vor seinem Lauf in Kleinenberg 2000 Viola Hebeler's Jim (Paco x Anne Krüger's Hope)
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