Clan Alba Amoss    (ZBrH 2217)

D.O.B. 28.10.1995,  breeder: Christine Fischer

                              sire: Ettrick Joe (ZBrH 1398), dam: Milla of Helenenhof (RBrH 701)         

     HD B, CEA/PRA/Kat.-free '96, „Zuchtzulassung“ (studbook qualified)

            BH A,  Agility A1,  trial-class III, Werkproef Gebruikshonden (Belgium)

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Originally I only wanted to keep a bitch-puppy from the first and only litter of my Nellie. So Moss grew up at a friend’s house in the city. This is where he got his “urban manners” and his infatuation with toys of every kind and there he learnt many useful things. When he stayed with me again for a longer period at the age of seven months I finally realized that Moss has got exactly the character and herding qualities that I had hoped for in Nellie’s offspring. Today I cannot even imagine to be without my “Mousey".  



From the beginning of our sheep training I was delighted with Moss’ willingness to listen to me without loosing his momentum or his initiative. He is a good stopper but can walk forward again with lots of power. When he had grown up he also found his balance and developped his pacing while his flanking had been very good from the start. At the age of 19 months  Moss started his trialing career with a win in class I (beginner class) in Stapelburg. From Sept.'97 on he ran in 15 trials (class II, intermediate class) and was placed 6 times among places 1 to 3.

Since Aug.'99 Moss runs in open class trials (class III) and although at home our training facilities for this class are rather humble it proved to be effective to be patient and take time with training. Now in his fifth year Moss has developped the selfassurance and coolness that are necessary to deal with different sheep breeds and different trialling conditions successfully. Thus in his second class III season Moss already qualified for the European sheepdog Championships ( EM =Europameisterschaft für Hütehunde) which took place in August 2001 in Rambouillet, France (results). Even though our result was still rather humble (place 51 of 71)  taking part in such an event was an unforgettable experience. It is a truely uncomparable feeling to see one's dog gather strange sheep in a competely unknow terrain from a distance of 450 meters and to work with him in a combination of independent actions and finely tuned cooperation through the tasks of a trial. For these moments I am very grateful to my Moss. 

      Trial results 2001           EM-qualifikations update

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Not matter how calm and cool Moss is while working sheep he goes crazy and completely over the top when he sees painted hurdles. Already as a young dog he discouvered that tunnels and weave poles mean pure fun and he works hurdles after the motto "Get out of my way, I'm in a hurry". So much enthusiasm needs a more experienced and agile partner than me to achieve acceptable results. This is why I am very grateful to my friend Denise Nardelli, who works with Moss in Agility, when her time allows. In July 2000 she ran Moss in his first successful agility show. Since then opportunities have been scarce to my regret. In Oct.1998 I had already passed the "Begleithundprüfung" with Moss, which is a prerequisite to run agility dogs in shows here in Germany. It's a kind of obedience test, probably like the test for companion dogs (CD, CDX). Even though Moss may not win a lot in agility shows - his main job is definitely sheepwork - I always enjoy the almost fanatical enthusiasm with which Moss works in this sport.



Moss is one of those dogs that take a long time to grow up. For almost two years he looked like a lanky teenager, only then did he develop the conformation and presence of a grown-up male. His show carrier seems to be hampered by his  "torn blanket" (i.e. the white patches in his coat) and his uneven ears. In spite of this he has proven often enough that the quality of his conformation will satisfy high standards, or so I like to believe. About his "interior qualities" I have never had any doubts at all. 

      Show results                                                              Judges' reports 




Moss was accepted for breeding by the German Kennel Club (Club für Britische Hütehunde e.V.) at the age of 18 months ("Zuchtzulassung"). Because of his hip-score "B"  he wasn't awarded a "recommendation for breeding" although he fullfills all other requirements ( twice "excellent" at breed shows, clear of hereditary eye defects) . 

At present Moss has been used at stud once. Seven puppies by Lionheart Amy  were born on 14 September 2001 in the Lionheart Kennel of Rolf Franck and Birgit Mausolf. All puppies tested clear for CEA at seven weeks old.

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Because of his heavy white factore Moss should not be mated to equally white factored bitches. So those who might think about using Moss at stud should not only consider his work qualities but also colour genetics in the Border Collie.



Because of the popularity of his sire (well-known trial dog and EM-team member Ettrick Joe) and uncle (Joe's full brother Cap of Craigrowan) as stud dogs there are a lot of half sisters and brothers and cousins around. Many of them are successful in trialling, (for example Belle von Dr. H.A. Müller) or in dog sports (for example Eric von Claudia Elsner,  foto on the right) like agility.


Eric vom Blumenhof


Other Activities

Because of his even temperament Moss sometimes joins me in school activities. Here we take part in a walk/bike-ride "against violence".


More fotos

Since Moss is the "man in the house" he helped his sister Hope raise her puppies. He showed special skill in teaching her boys the proper manners.

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